At the Y, one of our promises is to help you achieve more. We know its much easier to reach your milestones when you have motivation. That's why we're rewarding you with cool stuff and big discounts for things like going to the Y for a workout, referring a friend to the Y, participating in our programs, volunteering at community events and more.

Linking Your Accounts


If you are a YMCA member and have not linked your YMCA member account to your Y Rewards account, please verify your membership now so that you can automatically receive points for branch visits, program registrations, member referral and more. If you don't know your member ID (ex. 0012345-01), you can email us and we'll send it to you.


Y Rewards members who become YMCA members, please allow 10 days for your new YMCA member ID to be linked to your Y Rewards account.

Earning Points

Points can only be earned after registering for the Y Rewards program, with the exception of YMCA membership anniversaries. Available point earning opportunities for YMCA members can only be earned after you have linked your YMCA member account.

How Points are Applied

*Rewards marked with an asterisk are calculated and processed on the 5th of each month and may take up to the 15th to be added to your account. All other points are applied automatically.


If you have questions regarding Y Rewards, including setting up your account and earning points, please email use at or call 904.265.1775.

Sign-Up Register for the Y Rewards Program 500 One time per account
Connect to Facebook Connecting your Facebook account to the rewards program 25 One time per account
Connect to Twitter Connecting your Twitter account to the rewards program 25 One time per account
Invite Your Friends 25 Two per day
YMCA Branch Visit Check-in at a YMCA branch* 50 Up to 12 per month
YMCA Branch Visit Bonus Check-in at a YMCA branch 13+ times in a month* 100 Once per month
Program Sign Up Sign up for a Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball or Flag Football program* 100 One time per program
Participate in Before & Afterschool Care Complete on-time payment for before and afterschool care or Summer Day Camp* 100 Once per week
Refer a Friend Refer a friend who becomes a Y member* 250 Unlimited
Make a Donation Contribute to the Y's Annual Giving Campaign* 50 One time per donation
Birthday Birthday Month 50 One time per year
YMCA Annual Anniversary Celebrate 1 year as a First Coast Y member 200 Once per year
YMCA 5th Anniversary Celebrate 5 years as a First Coast Y member 500 Once per membership
YMCA 10th Anniversary Celebrate 10 years as a First Coast Y member 1,000 Once per membership
YMCA 20th Anniversary Celebrate 20 years as a First Coast Y member 2,500 Once per membership
YMCA 30th Anniversary Celebrate 30 years as a First Coast Y member 5,000 Once per membership
YMCA 40th Anniversary Celebrate 40 years as a First Coast Y member 7,500 Once per membership
YMCA 50th Anniversary Celebrate 50 years as a First Coast Y member 10,000 Once per membership
Membership Payment Change Change your payment from credit card to EFT* 100 Once per membership / participant
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